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What is a Loft Apartment, Ankara, Turkey

  The word loft, which means “roof” and “upper chamber”, emerged with the transformation of multi-story industrial buildings, factories, residences and workspaces in America for the first time in the 1970s to solve the problem of housing. The Manhattan area, where the factories are located, is the region where lofts are mostly concentrated.
  Artists and show business intellectuals were the ones who showed the greatest interest to Loft apartments in the USA. Due to its large volume of work areas, it has become an ideal solution for those who want to carry on business and home life together. Lofts, which have been turned into both home and workshop areas, have become the symbol of free life.
  Nowadays, loft apartments mostly appeal to middle and upper class, and in Turkey, Istanbul stands out on projects basis and is followed by Ankara in Loft projects.
  High ceilings, open and large square meters, raw metal and brick surfaces, open pipes, large windows, and generally the use of entresol are the general characteristics of Loft Apartments.
  The most basic features of loft apartments are their extremely large and high ceilings as they are transformed from warehouses or factory buildings. However, they do not contain too many walls and rooms in the interior. A corner of a large room with a kitchen, another side of the corner separated by a bedroom, the middle part can be used as a hall. If the area is not too wide, a mezzanine floor is built aside and the bed is positioned on it. Large materials such as lockers and bookcases are also used to divide the apartment into rooms.
  This approach allows for a more spacious and wide interior, free of walls, and both perceptually and actually. On the other hand, the loft apartments have a raw appearance compared to the traditional apartments. They do not have satin-painted smooth walls, colorful patterned wallpapers, embroidered papier mache. As they are converted from industrial structures, they have brick walls, steel construction columns and uncoated concrete skeletons. It would not be right to say that they appeal to all tastes. But there are still such good examples that people can’t get enough of looking.
  Loft apartments have emerged as a product of the housing need, but in a short time has become an architectural style. Today, loft apartments are built in luxury sites and housing projects, and they find buyers at very high prices.
A good way to separate the areas in the loft houses is to use the furniture as dividers. As the number of walls and doors will be minimal, you can separate the lounge with a high kitchen island bench with the usage of stools. Similarly, carpets or other floor coverings can help you differentiate between different areas. Carpets are strategically highly functional to determine the boundaries of rooms. For example, a rectangular carpet can be placed to mark the entrance of the corridor or you can use a carpet diagonally to move from one room to another. Besides the carpets, the colors of the walls also have a similar function to draw the boundaries between the rooms.
The type of furniture you use is just as important as how you organize it. For example, one long piece L sofa not only maximize space, but can also help with inter-room boundaries. Large potted plants can also be strategically placed to fill areas that require some space or separation. You need to think about what the focal point of such a large area should be. Ideally a living room in the house should be the most social space. However, you must remember that you have to make arrangements with the existing space as the boundaries with the other rooms are not separated by walls. Finally, in the center of the large loft space, large, unusual and impressive furniture can become the focal point of the whole space and help balance the space as a whole.
  A loft house doesn’t necessarily have to be an old warehouse or factory. A house designed according to this style with industrial features may also fall into the loft category. Loft is always about big and open space. Loft houses will usually not be less than one hundred square meters and the windows are always wide and high. The most distinctive feature is the high ceilings and a small number of walls between rooms. In the loft, you can easily see the opposite corner of the room. In such an industrial space, only private rooms such as bedrooms and bathrooms are isolated with walls in the main area. So the bathroom is always hidden and directly depends on the bedroom. A harmonious blend of various architectural solutions is the basic concept of this style. Old brick walls, metal staircases and exposed ventilation systems are used in a loft space with advanced lighting systems, chrome details and modern furniture.

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Main Features of Loft Style Houses

• Stairs: The ceiling height and the width of the space generally make it possible to provide the second intermediate floor level. For example, a bedroom or work area. The most popular materials for ladder design are wood and metal.

• Free and open layout: The least use of interior walls and partitions is the main motto of style.

• High ceilings: An industrial house is first of all characterized by wooden or metal beams, exposed ventilation structures, pipes and high ceilings.

• Rough walls: Concrete, raw plaster and brick work are inseparable elements that emphasize the industrial style.

• Windows: Loft-style houses have huge and large windows. The curtain is not usually used to provide maximum sunlight in the room.

• Fireplaces or stoves: In old factories and workshops, a stove or fireplace was used for heating. The stove or fireplace may be insufficient to heat the loft houses, but it adds a big difference to the decorative aspect.

• Functional furniture: This style is in a nutshell to combine modern design furniture with legacy industrial details. Shiny metallic accessories can be used when selecting mostly neutral tones in color.

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Interaction of Loft Style with Other Styles

Loft-style interiors are large open spaces with brick walls, concrete or natural floors, minimal furnishings, bright accessories and modern technology. Therefore, such large and rich details have a common style with other styles. For example, loft-style houses can also reflect “bohemian style”. Loft style incorporates both classical elements and contemporary items. The new design solutions combine the old objects that are randomly found indoors, based on this duality. For this, artistic works are the best tool. In a free atmosphere, various objects such as avant-garde paintings, sculptures and musical instruments serve as creative accessories. For the color scheme, neutral tones such as gray and brown are prominent as brick, concrete, wood and metal elements are already interesting enough. In addition, baroque-style mirrors can be used in loft houses.

As a result, it should be noted that the main characteristics of loft houses are, although they carry traces of different styles, industrial style. Use metal structures, ventilation pipes, wooden trusses and wires if you want to create an old production workshop or factory ambience on the floor of any apartment. As for furniture, simple, geometric shapes are functional.